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Engagement Info

October 31, 2015

Wedding Info

October 1, 2016
New York





Xray tech




Self employed


Megan 's Parents

Christine and Michael Plumadore

Christopher's Parents

Julie and Terri Baughn


Megan Plumadore and Christopher StDennis

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How We Met

We met through a friend of a friend, and he was the strong silent mysterious type. The kind you only find in romance novels, and for the longest time I was too shy to approach him so he spoke first and I fell and when I fell I fell hard.

How We Got Engaged

It was Halloween and I was dressed as black canary from the green arrow comics, and he was green arrow. I was helping my friend at a comic and card shop in town. Our friend texted me telling me that he was in town with his dad and that he would stop in and say hi, An hour passed and he showed up and took pictures of my cosplay, when he moved out of the way, my amazing boyfriend(fiance) was on one knee with a pokeball ring case with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.

About the Ring

It is one of a kind is is a silver textured band, with black enamel in the texture. Hand cut stars with a Moonstone in the center. The wedding half is gold with the sun pattern on it, making an eclipse when put together.

Our Shared Interests

We are a very crafty unique couple we deeply enjoy gardening and painting, He is a wood carver I am a jewelry maker, We make essential oils and such so we keep busy. We are also huge video game nerds and comic fans.

Our Favorite Date Night

We like to go to dinner once and a while and watch movies at home, or have a fire in our pit and look at the sun moon and stars.

What Part of the Wedding Are You Most Excited About?

I am most exited to see his face when he sees the dress and to dance with my friends and family all night long.

Our Relationship in Three Words

Unique Romantic Fantastic