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Engagement Info

October 26, 2015
St. Albans, Vermont

Wedding Info

September 17, 2016

Swanton, VT


Lead Teller


Swanton, VT


TKD Instructor/Pest Control Tech,


Kellsie 's Parents

Bonnie Lockerby

Adam 's Parents

Penny & Wayne Shedrick

Family Heirloom

Kellsie Lockerby and Adam Shedrick

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How We Met

Kellsie and Adam met through a mutual friend the summer before they would be sophmore's in highschool, they were only 14 years old.

How We Got Engaged

The two were engaged on the night that they were celebrating 10 years having been in eachother's lives. Kellsie had given Adam a small gift commemorating the years they've spent together, and he said he had a gift for her too as he presented a ring.

About the Ring

The ring is beautiful, it is unique, and it is one of a kind! It was originally handcrafted for and belonged to Adam's Nana. It was given to her by his grandfather before moving their family from Texas to be stationed in Germany.

Our Shared Interests

Spending time together:
- Fishing
- Hunting
- Watching MMA events
- Annual get-a-ways for a good country concert

Our Favorite Date Night

"Fancy Date Night."

What Part of the Wedding Are You Most Excited About?

Celebrating with friends & family!