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7 Don'ts for a Stress-free Honeymoon

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You’re most likely to savor a stress-less honeymoon at a destination and hotel/resort that best match your personal wish list. The key to a pleasurable trip is defining what works for you and not simply choosing a place because it’s well known or a top honeymoon destination. Here are some more things you shouldn’t do when planning your honeymoon.


1. Skimp on travel planning

Couples are often so busy getting ready for the wedding that they forget to do a lot of things. One of the most serious oversights: Make sure you have the proper form of ID and have it in your hands at least two weeks before the wedding.

2. Be seduced by pretty pictures

No matter how appealing, don’t base your decision on the visual appearance of a location. Your expectations may not match the way the place really looks.

3. Limit your search to one vacation or venue

Some couples have blind spots – a long-held dream location, properties whose rates exceed their budget, or an infatuation with a single destination or resort – that can keep them from securing the best deal and “fit” for their wish list. Explore more than one location or venue before you hand over a deposit. Travel agents can pinpoint less well known but equally intriguing spots that fit your budget; steer you away from resorts that don’t deliver on promises; vet your favorite venues; and alert you to mismatches between your dream spots and your travel needs.

4. Succumb to travel scams

To protect yourself from financial risk and disappointment avoid the “too cheap to be true” offers that litter the travel marketplace.

5. Rule out “all-inclusive” trips

With upscale ambiance and off-site touring, in-room dining, and other high-end amenities (think spa treatments, yacht trips, and private island picnics), top-of-the-line venues can satisfy even the most sophisticated travelers.

6. Book travel under your married name

This is a common mistake for many brides. If you don’t want to be turned away by security, book under your maiden name and bring that ID with you to the airport.

Plan every moment of your trip. A super-active, over-scheduled vacation can easily stress out already exhausted honeymooners.

7. Hold out for last-minute bargains

Unless you’ve both got nerves of steel or are willing to forgo a trip, it’s a bad idea to base your honeymoon on a fluctuating inventory of flights and rooms.

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